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Everyone has jumped on the remote Bandwagon today, claiming to be the next expert. But Sharon Koifman has True and tested hands-on experience for nearly two decades. This includes running three companies 100% from his computer, generating millions of dollars, and managing hundreds of employees. So he has all the experience to help big corporations to implement better strategies while still not too big or disconnected to help everyday entrepreneurs.

         About Sharon

Sharon Koifman is obsessed about remote leadership.

After years in the web hosting industry, he started DistantJob in 2009 as the first remote recruitment agency aimed at disrupting the way companies hire. Since then, Sharon has studied and researched not only how to operate remote businesses but how to create an amazing work culture, one where people love to come to work. He has dedicated his mind to finding ways – through systems and processes, services and tools – to bridge the gap between the faces in the monitor and the people in the real world.

This culminated with him becoming the author of Surviving Remote Work, an in-depth guide for both managers and employees on how to navigate the fast-growing world of remote work. Surviving Remote Work debuted in November 2020 as a #1 Amazon bestseller in its category. Sharon’s company has also launched a highly successful podcast interviewing leaders from to tech companies about the ins and outs of remote work (fast approaching 150 episodes), and debuted a new media company called Think Remote.

Now, we are at an unprecedented time in history. A global pandemic has changed the way billions of us live and work. CEOs and workers who used to operate out of a central office suddenly find themselves working remotely, trying to be productive and content in an environment they’re not used to occupying.

Sharon is the perfect guide to lead thousands of companies through these trying times, as he and his company are changing the way we think about remote.

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It's not just about being remote. It's about being the most productive you have ever been.

                                                 You will learn the following:

  • Build the most self-sufficient independent team you ever had (management)

  • Double the productivity of your company (Management)

  • Create the most amazing company culture even if no one is in the office (management)

  • Build the most rewarding career you ever had (Team)

  • Become a beloved Ceo and leader while getting the work done (Management)

  • Eliminate Distraction while working (Team)

  • Drastically improve your work-life balance while being more productive (Team and management)

  • Finish more work before lunch than you usually do through your entire day (Team)

  • Manage the most self-sufficient independent employees you ever had.(Management) 



What do Our Previous Clients have to say?

Sharon was a great addition to RemoteCon in a moment when the world was facing what a select few were already living for a lifetime.
His journey and extensive experience in building and managing teams remotely gave actionable insights to our audience across Europe’s major cities.

Alexandru Agatinei (RemoteCon)

Considering the serious nature of our conference, it is crucial to have fun and energetic speakers. As the Keynote speaker, Sharon Koifman has not only brought this amazing level of energy but has taken it to the next level. His style kept people energized and engaged, and his presentation was thought-provoking and challenged many of my listeners. Yet he never let the talk sink into a controversial zone by keeping it fun and light. I highly recommend Sharon for your next event.

Gary S. Miliefsky Chairman & CEO (Cyber Defense Con)

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